3D Cad Models:

To improve my skill set and add more three dimensional works to my portfolio I aim to create a variety of models digitally.

My first work was created in Maya, I found the learning curve of this program very steep when it came to quickly prototyping ideas. I choose to create a simple torch. To begin I brainstormed a simple design that I could replicate with my limited skill set:

The completed model came out nicely and was able to be rendered realistically.

My second attempt was to recreate a consumer kettle I designed as part of Loughboroughs design task.

I choose to switch over to Sketchup 17 as this was software I am already experienced in and can utilise more effectively.

I’m pleased with both models and aim to produce many more detailed and accurate models such as these.

To practise before working on an actual design I followed a guide to create a home and it’s interior:


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