Sketchbook: Oil markers and mixed media

Having gathered much of my primary research I decided it was time to draw from these to add to my sketchbook. 

I had recently purchased some oil markers and was eager to put them to use on a variety of surfaces. Choosing cardboard, paper and wood for my designs.

I was unable to get them the way I want due to not having much experience with markers so in the future I will revisit these and try to improve there overall quality a little. 

I particularly enjoyed the metallic markers as the quality of these pens really shined on the rough card surfaces. 

I wanted to mix things up and cut the thinest wood I could find to size and began drawing on it. It was a difficult experience and made my sketchbook very tricky to close.

Overall despite finding it very challenging to get form and colour right I am pleased with the uniqueness of these sketches and excited by what I can do with them in the future!


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