Influential Designers/Artists Past & Present:

As I start my third unit I need to identify some key designers and artists that influence me and describe the impact they have had on my work:

I plan on gathering inspiration and ideas from the following designers before creating a separate post detailing my chosen artists. Having gathered my sources I aim to incorporate many of there more unique styles and methods into the products I design

1.) Antonio Gaudi:


Renowned Catalan Architect and designer, Gaudi has always been inspiring to me. Although I’m not interested in pursuing an Art Nouveau style to my work upon visiting Barcelona I have become fascinated with his work. Revolutionary at the time his work is groundbreaking. I am interested in replicating his organic forms and irregular shapes into usable products. I feel this could easy applied to areas such as ergonomics and would be a fun way to experiments with different shapes and mediums.

2.) Marcel Breuer


A highly skilled designer, like his contemporaries Marcel was a member of the Bauhaus movement. A key Industrial Designer of his time much of his work dealt with harsh and unforgiving materials. He experimented with a range of unique and interesting materials, something which I would like to continue pursuing into this next stage. Much of his work dealt with steel tubing and its range of applications in design. I relate to many of these as I feel it is not dissimilar to my past steel wire models.

3.) Aleksandr Rodchenko


One of a variety of constructivist artists I have studied in the past and member of the iconic Productivist movement, Rodchenko’s application of harsh lines and geometry is very contrasting with todays accepted design principles. I think it is a good idea to challenge design norms and many constructivist works from the early 20th century were a law unto themselves, providing excellent inspiration for the more abstract works I produce.

4.) Marco Zanuso


A champion of affordable products exhibiting excellent design, Zanuso made high quality clever products affordable to the largest of demographics. His work was visually exciting, heavy contoured and typical of many Italian designers of the time. I think the exploration of markets and consumer needs is pivotal and its hugely important during the design process. Zanuso is an example of how successful designs can be with a knowledge of marketing and serves as an inspiration to my own work.

5.) Cecillie Manz


Working with a  range of diffrent subject matter from lamps to furniture, Manz is hugely popular in todays design world. Beginning this unit I knew I wanted to design domestically, my home contains almost all the products I use everyday and so I feel this is the best place to start. Manz’s particular style revolves around simplicity, taking inspiration from Nordic designers before her. This is a noble pursuit in my eyes, materials and resources are usually finite, and I would want my designs to reflect this.

6.) Hella Jongerius


Although not taken by some of her work Jongerius is a very interesting designer to me. The Dutch designer represents an interesting approach to working. She positions herself on the very cusp of artistry, craft, technology and design. Representing a cross roads in the various discipline her work is able to transcend classification and appeals to a variety of different people. Im interested in why more people haven’t attempted this and would like to explore such themes of merging into my own workings.

7.) Marco De Masi


An important contemporary designer based in Rome, De Masi’s work is highly modern and minimal. Believing a products design is perfect when there is nothing left to take away. The designer regularly collaborates with brands to reduce the complexity of the simple domestic furnishings they manufacture, whilst retaining there aesthetic appeal. I think this is a good credence to believe and its something that plays on my interests in sustainability and eco design. I also believe there is a purity and beauty in these starkly minimalist works.


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