Initial Exhibition Idea:

I decided to spend time planning my exhibition whilst I wait for some art supplies to arrive.

I wanted to plan out a rough idea of how my completed exhibit might look, this gives me an idea to work towards and is unstructuted enough to change in the future if necessary.

The core idea is three worksurfaces recreated in MDF, these are themed to represent three distinct household rooms. For example the table denoting the kitchen would be a counter and the study is reflected with a desk. Ideally atop these surfaces will be polished final models of products associated with that environment (e.g. Kitchen -Kettle). Surrounding these instillations  will be relevant work presented as part of the design process.

In conjunction with the display I want my exhibition to reflect the digital element of my work. During my third stage much of what I make will revolve around 3D CAD modelling and I want this to be evident to the observer.

My recent use of the HTC Vice was hugely eye opening and could possibly be incorporated in my exhibition, connected to a smart board viewers could interact with my completed products in a digital environment. I’ve researched the possibility of doing this and it’s technically very feasible to program, requiring only Sketchup exstender and the open source program Unity, hopefully it is available at the time!


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