Power Drill Sketch:

Having acquired a suitable pad and tonal markers to add to my collection, I watched a number of YouTube videos explaining the technique. After viewing 5 or 6 I decided it was time to practise.

I didn’t want to burden myself with replicating an existing product for my first sketch, instead drawing from scratch so as not to have to compare with a lifelike image.

1.) I began with simple sketches of my objects proportions, deciding on the rough size and shape of the drill.

2.) Once my idea was realised I finalised its proportions and began to add detail and harden my lines.

3.) I started by blocking in colour for the metal and rubber components of the drill, I choose to make these areas large as my greatest variety of markers are grey shades.

4.) Now that was complete I detailed sections and added colour to the frills body, I don’t have many colours so I matched two browns to the primary orange shade.

5.) After much time I completed the sketch to the best of my ability, detailing key features and establishing tone through the work. I also used two white and black grading pencils to add highlights and definition.

Overall I’m pleased with my outcome. I felt I successfully used the markers to add colour and depth, identifying areas of differing shade easily. The drill is realistic however the paper was small making it difficult to proportion on occasion. As well as this it would have been good to have a greater variety of coloured markers as I am very limited currently in the hues I choose. I also felt the models base is of a lower quality than the drill head but in my mind this is reflected by time constraints not personal ability.


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