Jigsaw Sketch:

I decided to continue the power tool theme as I had relative success with my first sketch and orange is a colour I can effectively shade with.

I’m happy with the work I produced, it’s clear and simple, detailing specific components well and covering a gamet of colour and tones.

I did feel I made a number of mistakes when sketching, and as a result I don’t think it reflects the time I spent working on it, with my frustration detracting from the finished result. 

Mostly it was down to losing a lot of detail in the front due to libera use of the black marker, creating a unrealistic matted tone. Not reflective as I previously had it. As well as this some of my ballpoint pen was inaccurate due to the roller dragging on the pages thick grain. I also felt I was inaccurate with my application of tone.

Despite this the work is asthetically pleasing and intresting to me, it was a valuable learning experience and hopefully will improve my work in the future.


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