Marker Rendering Techniques:

I’m having some difficulty when working solo on my marker drawings, following an image I am able to draw accurately however when producing my own designs I struggle with blending and tone.

I followed some tutorials and produced a mix bag of marker blends, some such as the purple came out excellent, whereas others such as the lighter yellows were difficult to master.

One part that I can tackle well is representing metallic textures, thanks to the number of grey markers I have it’s simple to establish a gradient.

I also explored the use of ‘steps’ to make the object appear to shine, simulating the fluctuations of light on a reflective surface.

I then moved on to exploring tone and shadow, producing a number of different cubes with different properties, and attempting to replicate a chisacuro effect.

I also looked at some simple textures and was particularly pleased with the wood grain effect I drew onto this cube.

Overall if I want to become more experienced in my own solo drawings I need to continue with my marker practise and investigate these techniques further.


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