Kitchen Appliance Studies:

I wanted to move away from the time consuming nature of marker renderings, and instead work in a quicker and more explorative fashion.

I decided to select one of 3 rooms I wished to study in preparation for my exhibition, the first of which being the kitchen.

I then selected my chosen medium (Acrylic Pastels and Pencil), and began some idea brainstorming onto a total of 9 A3 sheets.

My plan is to then select one item I liked and develop it further. I will then produce similar work for two other rooms in different mediums and do the same.

Coffee Machine:





Clothes Iron:

I’m pleased with the outcome, in later works for alternative rooms I will use more advanced mediums to produce more impactful pieces, and develop skills in new areas.

I think the sketches are a great mix, some are well thought out and others are rushed and skewered, this is an eclectic mix but there’s definetly usable material here to build upon.


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