Office Appliance Study:

Having completed my kitchen work I decided to move to an all together different room, opting for a home office or study.

I selected charcoal as my medium of choice. It offers a unique look and was a medium I have not practised since life drawing. I wanted to see if I had the ability to draw accurately with this messy but attractive method.



Desk Lamp:







Having completed the full 9 sheets im more pleased with the final result than I was after my previous studies.

Asthetically these works are more dynamic and vivid than my earlier sketches, and the lack of bold colours make them more coherent as a body of work. The charcoal looks great on the plain white paper and is more impactful than the pencil.

However it is difficult to keep things neat with specific parts of each sheet subject to smudging and varations in line thickness, as well as this due to the shape of the stick I found it difficult to achieve straight and correctly proportioned lines.

I’m pleased with the work produced and glad I practised a relatively new medium for me, I look forward to producing my final set of studies soon.


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