Clay Mouse Experiment:

I wanted to start working in 3D and decided clay would be an ideal medium to get things started. I choose a simple computer mouse as my subject.

I firstly began by making my preferred shape from metal wire to function as rigging on which to build from. I decided on an ergonomic wedge shape.

I then rolled out a ball of clay thinly and spread it atop the wires. I belive I made it a little to thin in places and this resulted in some tearing that I had to fix. I folded over the corners and applied pressure to affix it to the metal.

I then spent a while moulding and pressing the clay into a more nuanced shape adding important details such as the scroll wheel and buttons. I used a scalpel and pin through this step.

Overall I think this experiment was somewhat successful, I achieved a recognisable form using only plastercine and wire. I wasted little material thanks to the frame concept, which I will continue to use in the future.

The only frustrating thing was being unable to get clean edges and folds due to the nature of the medium used, my shapes are always going to be irregular and slightly messy.


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