Anthopometrics and Ergonomics studies:

As part of my sketchbooks account of my ceramics experiments I identified, having produced a range of cardboard models, that many were uncomftable and difficult to use.

This is because of a lack of application in terms of dimensions and form, and although not directly related to my chose design influence I still viewed this as important.

Initially I drew a variety of quick sketches pertaining to human dimension and form.

From these I will present an analysis of human interaction with the products I intend to create, there place in the domestic environment and the steps I will take to resolve this issue.

I will consult a variety of media to inform my decisions, analysing data from a variety of sources and alter my design process according.

During my analysis I constructed a ‘bell graph’ denoting the average hand length and it’s distribution through the population.

Hopefully having done this my design ideas will be more representative of a true design form and would be both comftable to hold and simple to use.


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