Ceramic Marker Renders:

To outline my plans before entering the workshop I produced a variety of quality Renders demonstrating my design ideas.

Hairdryer – Bathroom

Wanting to make simple forms such as the hairdryer I attempted to add small touches that added to the design. For example this peice features a glass chamber surrounding the air turbine that powers it.

Clock- Living Room

Other works such as this clock seemed to appear better if they retained there simple styling, for products such as these I left open faces that leant themselves to patterning.

Trimmer – Bathroom

For smaller products that involve a lot of interaction with the user ergonomics played a greater part in there final design. Factors like dimensions and comfort decided on the correct shape to use.

Speakers – Living Room

Some works came out nicer than others. Because of limited time I struggled to adequately plan out many drawings leaving some requiring an extra amount of work later down the line.

Works such as this coffee machine I am very happy with, the unique Memphis styled pattern adds much to the work. However more consideration should have been made to the difficulty in modelling such a form in clay.

Lamp – Living Room

Difficult geometry present in products such as the lamp meaning proportioning correctly is extremely hard. This is compounded by the thick markers and small dimensions of the piece. I am unsure of this is usable for my exhibition.

Knife Block – Kitchen

Simple forms often give the best results, a lack of complexity and extraneous detail lends itself well to markers and allows for an easier time in the ceramics workshop.

I think I did a decent job with these Renders, marker techniques came in handy but they once again it proved to be a difficult medium, with mistakes permanent and difficult to work around.

If I was to attempt any of these again I’d prioritise dimensioning at the earliest stage before beginning to colour.


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