The Memphis Group:

For the longest time I have felt my work was lacking direction and needed a distinct style relatable to me. Searching for guides to work from I revisited artist research on my blog and recorded key information.

Arts and Craft & Streamlining

Art Nouveau & Art Deco

Bauhaus & Constructivism

I made the decision to consider historical movements as I have completed a wide variety of research as part of my A level work and previous units and therefore few comftable  briefly summarising such large evens.

Being such an important choice i wanted to clearly describe the considerations I was making, this though process is displayed numerically above the work.

As well as this I also identified potential problems with each design influence, giving reasons for not ultimately choosing them.

Having now completed some groundwork I finally decided on the ‘Memphis Milano’ as my primary design influence, dictating the style I am to work in for the remainder of the project.

My reasoning for this choice is clear in my sketchbook but basically stems from a need to make my products easily identifiable and eye catching. The bold and vibrant colour schemes and patterning that defines this style are perfect for me.

As well as this the simplistic minimal styling lends itself well to modelling with ceramics, producing models with which I can exhibit.


The style was a pioneering post modern movement towards the end of the twentieth century.

It’s founder, Ettoere Sottass was a pivotal figure from Italy at the time and helped solidify Italian design as high desirable and dynamic.

Working in all mediums from glass to ceramics his approach was wholely unique discarding functionalism in exchange for entirely sensual and exciting design.

This thinking was unheard of at the time and propeld the design collective in international acclaim.

It’s this irrational thinking that inspires me the most, I’d like to adopt a few of these ideas and begin to produce my own few designs.


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