Primary Research:

Initially to form a basis for my work I gathered a wide variety of images using my own camera from a variety of retail stores. As well as this I was able to have limited interaction with the products in person and gain a better more personal understanding of there typical quality and composition. This was open ended exploratory resarch, allowing me to visualise what was commonplace in my chosen market (for this project ‘domestic products’), and possibly analyse any problems or potential for thinking from an outside view.

In addition to the gathering of examples as part of my sketchbook work I conducted detailed yet unstructured analysis of the qualities of individual peices as well as the areas I plan on incoporating into my own designs.


 Having completed this task I feel I have a more rounded perspective on the market in which I plan on working in and that I am better able to create informed design decisions. I incoporated a small number of marker studies from my chosen images seeing


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