Secondary Research:

The second installment of my analysis of existing products, my secondary resarch was primarily gathered from written sources such as magasines and brouchers. My main reason for doing this is to check that my primary sources are indictivate of typical domestic design and be able to compare this with a larger variety of products.

Much of the imagery for my primary sources were taken at more upmarket sources such as John Lewis, a retailer whose target demographic might not be reflective of a large quantity of consumers. By gathering imagery from a large variety of secondary sources I was able to explore products on offer from a large scope of retailers encompassing the majority of potential consumers and pricepoints, in a way that is far more time effecient then travelling to specific locations.

To supplement all this imagery I also conducted an analysis into the nature of the domestic enviroment, and more specifically the rooms im thinking if looking at. To begin with I created a quick breakdown of some key rooms and followed this up with a more detailed summary presented with the imagery of each room gathered.

As with my primary research I included a number of explorative marker renders drawn from the research gathered.



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