Cardboard Rapid Prototyping:

Following the unsucess of my very laborious early ceramic sketches I made the decision that a more flexible and dynamic process was needed for my generating of design ideas.

I initially experimented with a number of ideas such as quick and messy plastercine moddeling for the creation of product designs:

These ended up being more trouble than there worth, taking alot of time for poor and messy outcomes, as well as this they were serious limiting in the complexity of the forms i could produce.

I then sought out an entirely diffrent approach to generate ideas before entering the ceramic workshop. Opting for a thumbnail sketch type approach, and although not utilised as intended they were useful as title pages in my first sketchbooks collection of exploratory sketches.


These proved much easier to create than the plastercine modes but unfortuatley they lacked the detail I sought after and being 2D were missing that interactive element that would prove useful when sizing terracota clay.

So, after two unsuccesful attempts at formulating a methord of quickly generating plans I revisited my previous stages work and found images of my old wireframe kettles. These were inspiring to me as they were both quick to produce and three dimensional. For the ceramics workshop I sought something a little more substantial however and decided to replace the metal wire with cardboard and upcycled waste from my college bins.

The outcome of this was a variety of cardboard prototypes that hit my strict criteria perfectly. Being cardboard they were easy to alter on the go, they were interactible and could be manipulated in the hands, and unlike plastercine they were created to the correct scale.

My first form was a hairdryer constructed from a glue tube, plastic cups and card:


Next I produced a radio or sterio speaker constructed from a Coke bottle, plastic cups and wire:


Then I created a beard trimmer from some plastic casing, cups and cardboard:


Next I opted for a water bottle, cup and cardboard coffee machine, all constructed to the correct scale.

img_3038img_3039My final model and most ambitious, a desk lamp constructed from a paint tub, ping pong balls, wire and card.


In conclusion I achieved my goals setting out to create unique and original forms indicative of both the products I aim to create and the domestic enviroment itself. More in depth descriptions and analysis is written in my sketchbook.

These were also heavily inspired by and actually influenced a few of my final marker renders, and although not reflective of the total number of models I created they demonstrate the direction In which I was working towards.


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