Ceramic Modelling:

One of the biggest undertakings in my schedule the ceramic modellig process was both difficult and rewarding.

Initially I opted for a mould based approach and attempt to utilize all of the premade tools availabe to me:

I attempted to utilise pre-existing moulds as a methord of quickly generating simple forms that can be worked by hand into my desired forms.

This however proved unsuccesful, not probably balancing my levels of slip lead to the clay bleeding and thinning rendering the casts unusable. I think this is reflective of my lack of experince with ceramics and lead me to belive a simpler approach was neccesary if I was to achieve my lofty ambitions.


Settling with lumps of wet terracota and a variety of hand tools I began the long process of modelling that would complete the sculptural aspect of my project. With both my card prototypes and completed renders to guide me I felt confident.

Clock model:

Coffee Machine model:

Knife Block model:

Stereo model:

Beard Trimmer model:

Hairdryer model:

In depth detailed analysis of the entire project and its outcome can be found in my second sketchbook and its relavent annotation.

Unfortuanetly I failed to capture much imagery during this process as my hands were almost always covered with a thick layer of muddy terracota making photo taking difficult. Despite this I think my asembled media is sufficent to document the process.



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