Early Ceramic Designs:

Previously, before settling on the Memphis Milanos design laungage as my primary influence I completed a few product designs for use in the ceramics workshop.

These images are technical drawings representing the chosen product from multiple angles, drawn with precision and dimensions. This methord of working is commonplace in industry with detailed imagery drawn up to provide a source from which prototypes can be sculpted. As mentioned in my sketchbook ceramic work is comonley employed as a prototyping methord particually in the auto industry and the methord of sketching mentioned is the most efective way to begin.


As shown the sketches are very detailed and required alot of time to produce, and im happy with the infomation they convey. Unfortunatley changing plans and the direction in which I took my work meant these images were no longer needed and I included them as a matter of posterity. Saying that they do provide evidence of the number of directions it was possible to take a broad brief such as ‘Domestic Design’ and there a good example of how much my working methords have evolved and adapted.

There far from flawless however and there is a large number of oversights that are throughly explained in my attached sketchbook anotation.


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