Living Room Study:

After completing both my Home Office and Kitchen studies I decided my third and final room to study in depth would be a living room.

I opted for Oil Pastel as my chosen medium. I went with this as I have had plenty of expirence with them and felt I could draw with them effictivley. What I cannot do however is work quickly presenting me with a variety of issues.

Record Player:


Vacumn Cleaner:


Coffee Table:


CD Stereo:


TV Soundbar:








Decorative Earthware:


My primary concern was the fact that this whole stage of my design process was aimed at quick and effective explorative sketches, unsuited to a medium where layering and blending is a key process. This means that after completion my pages produced were either overtly simple or very poorly couloured. I attempted to fix this as best as I could with further layering and pencil work and managed to somewhat salvage the effort. Saying that I did make a serious mistake with a poor choice of medium ill suited to my goals and that hindered my ability to progress with these pages, they have limited value to me and ate into alot of my time.



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