Digital Design Exhibition:

After completing my scene in Unreal Engine I was able to position my exported Sketchup models and arrange the home.

With the scene created I originally attempt a rail based camera system integrated within the unreal engine. Unfortunatley the learning curve was hugely steep and I had little time to familarise myself with the features needed.


After some brainstorming I decided the best way to record my scene was to utilise a open source screen capture software. ‘OBS Studio’ is free to use and dosent use intrusive watermarks making it perfect for my presentation. This was far easier to use and within a few hours I had recorder my footage and was ready to compile it into another open source software ‘Videopad’. maxresdefaultThis was a simple program where I could drag and drop some images, I added some annotations and a few transisations, as well as full anotations. With these steps complete I uploaded the finished presentation to Vimeo.



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