My Exhibition:

Given the largest space in my classroom in which to exhibit my work it was rewarding and challenging to fill it.

Before undertaking such an improtant and critical stage I produced a number of plans both at the start and closing stages of this project.

Unfortunatley with the amount of papers I had to keep track of I have lost some of the more recent drawings that are more reflective of both my space and items to exhibit.

The purpose of the plan is relativley self explanatory and was of a critical importance with the presentation of my work. I felt I personally had a unique challenge with my exhibition planning. As part of this project I had worked in three very diffrent mediums, Traditional Paper based workings, Ceramic Modelling and Digital Rendering. Because of there diffrences I adopted three diffrent instillation methords to better show off the variety of my work. These are:

  1. Wall mounted imagery of paper based workings, the interconected nature of my work means they are examples of my digital and paper based workings.
  2. Sculptural instillation, the inclusion of my huge Memphis shelf was a dynamic and unqiue way of presenting my physical workings.
  3. Projection of completed digital designs, my rooms cental ‘Smart’ board presented an ideal way of presenting my Unreal Engine animation denoting my computer based working.

All of these aspects combine to form my completed exhibition that in my opinion represent the most efficent way of exhibitng such varied working methords in an unintrusive fashion.


In an enclosed room a computer is setup connected to the Smart board that displays my walkthrough video. A skeleton is present to prevent sabotage.


The room is shrouded from onlookers with a curtain, so that it appears unrelated to my exhibition.


The large smartboard dominated the back wall of my exhibition, and is on a constant loop displaying my video in its entirety. Below is my portfolio of previous work.


Next to the projector is my first half of my exhibitions back wall. Here some design work is displayed as well as two ceramic models.


Directly attached is my second wall, displaying further designs as well as a surface holding my sketchbooks and candidate form.


This view shows off my exhibitions back wall better, a sofa is included becuase i forgot to get rid of it 😦 atleast I use it


Here is the front facing wall of my exhibition. Here my shelf dominates as the exhibitions centerpiece. The remainder of my design work and ceramic models are displayed in and around.



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