Sketchbook Vinyl Wrap:

As a side project to add to my now completed exhibition I opted to brighten up the most critical aspect of my exhibition, the sketchbooks.

Originally a drab and dirty black I purchased neon vinyl wrap from amazon to tie in there asthetics more inline with my projects Memphis design language:

Intrestingly this process was far more involved than I previously anticipated, to better explain it I have included a bullet pointed account:

  • Unbinding and removal of sketchbook covers, with peeling and removal of paper backing to take out elastic strap.
  • Preperation of sketchbook surface, wiping with antispectic cloth and drying with handtowel.
  • Placing of covers atop the wraps grid surface and measuring angles and cutting lines needed to ensure the panels are covered securely. This was the most time intensive process.
  • Cutting of wrap to size and segemnts with a scalpel and metal rule.
  • Removal of protective film and application to the covers surface. This was the most difficult process requiring a credit card and a heat gun to elimate wrinkles and air bubbles.
  • Removal of excess film covering ring binder holes. Attempted with a scalpel and a ruler to push in edges. This was another very time intensive step.
  • Re-insertion of elastic straps, requiring the puncture of the covers surface with a scalpel to create exit holes, and the inclusion of duck tape to mount the elastic inside the covers securley.
  • Cutting and sizing of black card to act as a neat internal panel that covers the messy work I had completed beneath
  • Polishing and cleaning of the newly applied surface.

Im very pleased with the outcome and feel it adds much to my work, If I were to reattempt a project such as this I would opt for brighter and boulder colours, or even some patterned designs!


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