Revised Exhibition Layout:

Following some advice I decided to re-organize my exhibition a day before my public exhibition to better fit my plan more closely and with a little extra time. Many weakness of my exhibition have been traded in for a simpler and more professional look, streamlining my exhibit. Not pictured below was the inclusion of a laptop to better demonstarate my virtual walkthrough, as the projector bulb is incredibly dim and not viewable in a lit room. Im much happier with this change of look and feel it shows of my efforts in a much better light.


We removed the black borders present on every image, this makes my work appear more streamlined and is easier for the viewer to quickly understand. It also looks far more professional than uncut foamboard.


As well as this we restructured my exhibits far wall to be far less cluttered and organized into specific peices. I would have loved to have exhibited my marker renders in the coloured frames, but they are buried too deep in sketchbook anotation to create clear copies.


My ceramic works are by far the weakest element of my work, hampered by personal experinece and time constraints. To better my works initial impression they are hidden inside a box but viewable upon request.



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