“Candid NYE shot”

Aaron Hoppe, Art student currently studying at Coleg Gwent Crosskeys.

My work is tailored towards design, specifically domestic products. I aim to explore threads of sustainability, functionality and aesthetics in my work.

I aim to utilize a wide variety of media and mediums in my experimentation, before moving on and refining my works in ceramics and print.

A lot of my portfolio and sketchbook working are directed towards the practise of new skills. Upon starting my course I have learnt perspective, isometric, markers and 3D CAD drawing techniques. All of which add to my skill set and bolster my portfolios strengths.

As well as product design much of my interests lie in life drawing, a hobby of mine for many years now. As well as this I incoparated architectural studies in my earlier work, exploring themes of urbanisation and industry.

I hope to continue designing in the future as I move onto higher education, something I find hugely inspiring and motivating.